Iain Lowe

Iain operates a family run photography business, his son (Chris) and himself work on all image based projects and his wife (Muriel) keeps the accounts and admin in order.

Pressure of requests keeps them pretty much on home soil, although they welcome work and new challenges further afield, and are fortunate to have built up long-term relationships with many of the courses you see in their galleries.

Iain was told, some years ago, that for an image to be assessed as productive/successful it had to be the one that was picked-up when surrounded by competition. This has become even more important as the advancement of computer technology and digital photography have resulted in a state of mediocre visual saturation. There is now even more need for the highest quality images 

It is their belief that only the strongest images will draw the attention of prospective clients and customers but, of equal in importance, is the way the images are presented and the quality of their reproduction. To this end they are personally involved with working up new and innovative ideas to present their images in the most compelling way (for their clients and themselves) from concept, through quality control to delivered product. Books, prints and course guides have been the traditional vehicles but the internet and interactive applications are becoming ever more important and these also have to have a strong visual message.

It is as simple, as complicated and as time consuming as that.

Iain's website can be viewed here.