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Golf was first played in Takaka before World War 1 on the Baigent property, Fairholm, at East Takaka. The original course was on both sides of the road.

In later years a nine-hole course was laid out on Tui Baigent's farm which was memorable for the influence of the totara trees and stony ground. In 1959 the club had to shift again as the Franklyn farm was sold. There were two options. One was to go next door to Tome Lines's farm where a course of sorts could have been formed immediately, or they could go to some Crown land at Pohara, which had two major advantages. It could be had in perpetuity for a peppercorn rental, and, for the most part it was wonderful links land golfing country. The downside was that the sand was covered in a forest of gorse and it would take forever to establish a course. The membership of the club in that era was older than now, indeed a substantial number were retired or very near it. To their everlasting credit they carried their old clubhouse, minus the fireplace, to the beach and attacked the gorse. They did have one huge advantage; Bob Haile and the Golden Bay Cement Company backed their efforts. Their sacrifice is something that present members should never forget.

The design of the course was entrusted to an Auckland architect named Babich who had designed Greenacres. He was a disciple of the Scottish genius Alister Mackenzie whose motto was "the lie dictates the play". Bulldozers were used to crush the gorse but not to shape the fairways on the course. The greens, the greatest strength of the course, were sown directly onto the sand. Today the course provides a unique golfing experience. It is not long and long handicappers need not be intimidated by length; one of the most demanding holes on the course is only 100 metres long. Another signature hole, the 4th, is a par 4 but only 263 metres.

Harold Babich
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